Views and fresh air can we offer you......
with Kebnekaise as background

Mountain transport

Nikkaluokta Alltransport offers you transport summer and winter.

We will take you were you want to go – safely, comfortably and with good local knowledge.

In winter we use snow mobiles to Kebnekaise Mountain Station and to the cabins in the mountain area.

In the summer you can book a boat transport up the Vistas valley to shorten the hiking distance to the mountains.

We also handle goods winter time to the mountain station and mountain cabins. 

Nikkaluokta Alltransport is owned and operated by Erik Sarri born and raised in Nikkaluokta. The drivers of the the snow mobiles are mostly from our area. We loook forward to get both bookings and questions. See you in Nikkaluokta!

Kind regards

Erik Sarri